Event in Cinesdreams Theater

I had the honor to open the Japan cinema Festival with the Japan Ambassador.

I made the cover of the event and I did a speedpaing to all attendees.

A version of Mononoke was the chosen for the cover.


The Ambassador Mr. Masashi Mizukami and I. In the background the first skecth I did.

The final result of 25 minutes of speedpainting.


Digitall EVENT

I was invited as concept artist for the Illustration Track in Digital Event, celebrated in Valencia, Spain.

I did a conference of “Become an Artist” and a funny questionary from the amazing public.

It was an honor for me, to be part of this, meet great people, and be the giant cover of the event, the Vader was the chosen one.



See you in the next schedule!



Collaboration in EXPOMANGA Comicon

I´ve been chosen by Expomanga Comicon direction to participate in the Japan Expo commeration 70th Anniversary of peace.



                                                                           Pic by José Luis Fernández.

By the claim “70 Years of Peace and Prosperity”, I had free creativity to illustrate this piece. I wanted to introduce some recognozible characters, funny colors and a lot of confetti.

All expo was supervisated by the Japan ambassador Kazuhiko Koshikawa.


Here is the sample.

70 años_Low

Madrid Comic con – Fan arts live session

pic by Pandora Von Lillian.


At the Madrid comic con, Expocomic, I colaborated with two fan arts in a live session with a Wacom Cintiq.

People asked for Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Skyrim videogame at the show .

Two hours each one.



Rocket Raccoon and Groot








I have been chosen Artist of the Month by the online magazine, ADN CREATIVE.

It is an amazing app which, this month, will bring you some of my work and a quick Leonardo tutorial with some helpful tips I always use in my work.

The full illustration from TMNT contains a few steps of the process (composition, merge color, use of brushes…).



Other dude stuff, samples, complete Bio and more in Apple Store, Android; search tag .




If you want to see any issue, including where I am… let´s play ADN CREATIVE!

In fact, It´s an honour to be in the BEST and most PRECIOUS APP I´ve ever seen!

G&G Advertising SUCCESS!

The famous Taiwanese company, G&G Armament, has used our video “Game On”, which was awarded prizes at the Your Greatest Glory 2013 Festival, as part of a advertising campaign for their brand. The company has used this video for other purposes before.

Watch the video by clicking the image


We are so glad when you see the works flows and grants you.

If you want the watch the full video, please press here